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26th April 2008

I've finally managed to sort out the teething problems my new Mac was having with a site created on a software that only works with Windows so apologies to all those who have been visiting the site in the expectation of finding some news and current schedule. Safer generally to check my schedule on MySpace: as this is updated regularly.

I have now added some video footage of Omniform at Blu Jaz Cafe to my videos on youtube. The trio clips have been up there for a while now and I do aim to do some better ones soon - but it's hard to find a good place with enough light to make a good video.

The 10-piece band Omniform continues its resideoncy on Mondays at Singapore's rapidly emerging hub of musical
Blu Jaz Cafe.

We're now into our
7th month and the band is growing in character and strength. What started off as a chance to play my arrangements has evolved to include all the individual characters that form the band. We have lost a few of the original members but I guess that's a necessary part of the process so that we work towards having those people in the band that are truly committed to it because it gives them something necessary. The repertoire is still made up largely of my compositions and wholly of my arrangements which
draw from just about every genre of music but we have some awesome and very individual soloists. I've done some recent arrangements of other people's stuff includng Joe Zawinul's A Remark You Made, and Herbie Hancock's Butterfly.

One question that keeps on being put to me is "why Mondays?". Well in order to fully appreciate what is happening here one needs to comprehend the dual logistics of running a club and being a working musician.
In order to put on a 10-piece band a club must either have heavy sponsorship or have arrived at an agreement with the musicians involved that offers enough reward in kind to make up for what falls short in monetary terms. That basically
means that the music itself has to be enough to draw the musicians along every week. Secondly, to ensure that this does not conflict with the musicians need to earn a living, and that we have the same personnel as much as possible, this must be on the night of the week that is least likely to offer more lucrative opportunities.

So for this regular event to be possible requires a generosity from all concerned.  
Blu Jaz Cafe is completely committed to keeping this event on the calendar - not for short-term personal gain, but for the satisfaction of making something so out-of-the-box happen. The musicians - and myself as composer/arranger - have a real committment to preserve an opportunity for some real musical expression that offers an antidote to the predictably dull-witted entertainment agendas of the average musical establishment.

Omniform performs 2 sets between 9-11.15pm every Monday featuring:
Marcus Dengate on bass, Ruth Ling on
Darren Moore on drums, Tim O'Dwyer on baritone sax, me on tenor and soprano saxes, Fabian Lim on alto
Lauren Mungia on flute, Leo Jeoh and Freddi Sonderegger on trombones and Daniel Wong on trumpet.

Now for your part: All you have to do is come along and enjoy! There is no cover charge, and the excellent food and
beverages at the venue are all within the range of even the tiniest budgets. What more could you ask for? We start at 9 for 2 sets only in an effort to keeo things from gettng too late - but we usually don't fnsh before 11.30 anyway.

Also at Blu Jaz Cafe every Friday you can catch my
Monster Trio featuring the baby monster himself: Chok
on organ with a formidable left hand and some of the most dazzling musical nuances you are ever likely to
hear. On drums:
Darren Moore with an ablity to groove in any style imaginable.

I've been doing a regular jazz program for the in-flight jazz channel on
Malaysia Airlines which is now available on all long and medium-haul flights. This gives another great reason to fly this airline as you won't get anything as hip on any other airline!  

He empezado un par de paginas en
Espanol para mis amigos de idioma Castellano - por favor mire les y mandame
consejos de contenido y por supuesto gramatica!

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Reviewer: Rob Hughes
"Great album, melodic compositions that really groove and say something. Fantastic band, Lyons
has an unique tenor sound with a very strong technique, the blend really works. Keep it up dude."


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